Wednesday, January 24, 2007

John Derbyshire: Hero

John Derbyshire takes one of his patented brave stands. After boldly arguing that women are really only attractive between the ages of 15 and 20, courageously voicing his ambivalence about Muslim-on-Muslim violence and arguing--heroically--that noncombatants should be considered fair game in war, he decides today to come out in favor of "whites only" restaurants.
One of the lesser evils of our age is the passing of "anti-discrimination" laws by legislators in democratic countries. These laws amount to systematic destruction of the principle of freedom of association. While governments should of course treat all citizens impartially, legislators have no business telling citizens whom we may do business with, rent a room to, hire, fire, or engage in any other private transaction with.
Of course, he couldn't possibly really mean that he would put up with a return to whites only lunch counters, right? He is, after all, not a hillbilly, but one of the "respectable middle-class people with good educations, who would not harm a fly, nor deny civil rights to anyone" even though, goshdarnit, he just doesn't like teh gay.

Thank God for John Derbyshire and his fellow "courageous and noble, (though) increasingly desperate" fighters in the war against the "intolerance" of "meritocratic egalitarianism."


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