Monday, January 29, 2007

John Hinderaker's hope springs eternal

A summary of his latest hilarious post, "President Bush's Support Holding Steady."

The polls which suggest Bush is a pariah are all flawed and their "flawed" methodologies "make it hard to track responses consistently over time" despite the fact that, taken as a whole, they seem to show an obvious trend, as Professor Pollkatz demonstrates:

Rasmussen is the bestest polling place and their methodology is awesome, 'cause they've got Bush at at 42 percent approval. Pay no attention, of course, to Rasmussen's own statement that says
When comparing Job Approval ratings between different polling firms, it’s important to focus on trends rather than absolute numbers. One reason for this is that different firms ask Job Approval questions in different ways. At Rasmussen Reports, we ask if people Strongly Approve, Somewhat Approve, Somewhat Disapprove, or Strongly Disapprove of the way the President is performing his job. This approach, in the current political environment, yields results about 3-4 points higher than if we simply ask if people if they approve or disapprove (we have tested this by asking the question both ways on the same night)...We believe that there is no perfect way to ask the Job Approval question. Consistency and trends matter more than specific numbers.
In other words, look at the image above. That's what's called a consistent, downward trend.

Most Americans are really conservatives, of course, despite Rasmussen's "consistent methods" showing that, on the key issues facing the nation, likely voters trust Democratic congressional leaders over Bush by 10 points. Odd that all those conservatives would trust Dems over Bush.

Good stuff. I hope Republicans like Johnny keep thinking that the country really, truly is on their side and, in two years, the Democratic Majority won't just be veto-proof. The damn thing will be bulletproof.

Update: More here, with less snark. More here, with more snark.


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