Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oddly enough, the "Newt Sandwich" sells poorly

Andrew Ferguson writes an obviously sadness-filled article about the Democratic takeover in Washington in The Weekly Standard. That a conservative magazine actually printed the article shows just how tone deaf their movement has become and, perhaps, always was--the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" make an appearance in honor of Republicans and that's supposed to be a good thing.

Funnier than anything, though, is Ferguson's faux-heroic description of the value of the Republican Revolution. Sure, the Republicans can't balance a budget or win a war or keep their "members" away from the underage pages, but none of that matters at lunch, does it?
The Gingrichites took power and turned the (House) food services and concession stands over to people with a profit interest. And now we have the kind of cornucopia only a free market can create; an array of foods named after places we all wish we lived in instead of Washington: A Santa Fe Chicken Special from Malibu Wraps, Carolina Brisket from Austin Blues. And the drinks! Starbucks coffee and Melon Smoothies! Endless cups of Diet Sprite--with ice! Freshets of Mr. Pibb!

It is fashionable these days, especially among disaffected conservatives, to say that the Gingrich Revolution amounted to next to nothing and ended in failure. Let those doubters come here. Let them come to the Longworth Food Court.
Yes, let them come and bow before the glory of Republican smoothies!

Mussolini had his timely treni. Gingrich has a Santa Fe Chicken Special. Take that, people who wanted health insurance!


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What did they have before?

Chopped Liver?

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