Monday, January 15, 2007

Prove it

Fred Hiatt writes in the WaPo:
The truth is, every side in the war debate uses the troops for political gain. When Bush tearfully presents the Medal of Honor to the family of a slain war hero the morning after announcing his latest strategy for Iraq, then flies off to Fort Benning, he is using the troops as props. Democrats didn't make the absence of body armor a key campaign issue until they had done a lot of poll-testing.
Is this something Hiatt knows or something he believes? Does he have any proof that Democrats weren't honestly and understandably outraged by this administration's willingness to provide adequately for our troops under fire and needed to test the waters before they argued Bush should have done better? This seems like a no-brainer moral issue and, personally, I doubt anyone would have needed to conduct polling to realize how despicable this would make Republicans look.

So I'd like to see Hiatt back up this claim.


Blogger Jim said...

Thanks for the pointer, Terry. I sent in my letter to the WaPo, ccing Hiatt & the "Omsbuds-critter".

Not that I expect a respnose, mind you!

8:20 AM  

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