Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This is terrible.
According to local news reports, a young Florida woman was sexually assaulted as she was returning to her car Saturday night after Tampa's Gasparilla parade. She managed to escape and reported the incident to the Tampa PD, however while undergoing a rape exam at Tampa General Hospital authorities discovered the woman had an outstanding four-year old warrant for her arrest for failing to make restitution for an incident that occurred when she was a juvenile.

The young woman was hauled off to jail and denied bond. She was also denied medical care because the jail medical supervisor on duty won't dispense the Morning After Pill due to (the supervisor's) personal beliefs.
The medical services at the jail are run by Armor Correctional Health Services an affiliate of Medical Care Consortium, Inc., which has donated $18,000 to Republicans and $4,000 to conservative Democrats since its founding in 1998, according to opensecrets.org.

One lobbyist for MCCI is Sports Illustrated writer Don Yaeger, who was suspected of doing favors for Jeb Bush's second Secretary of Corrections, James Crosby. Why would he do such a thing? Because they wanted the big state contracts being offered up by Jeb's drive to privatize the whole friggin state apparatus. There was a requirement, though, that a company had to manage the health of 10,000 inmates for a year. Managing Hillsborough county's jail was just a step along the path to a bigger payday, and MCCI tried to get the state to lift the 10,000 head requirement based on the Hillsborough gig--which Armor bid on three days after being founded and won despite not being the lowest bidder for the job and submitting MCCI's financials instead of its own. Hillsborough is, of course, where the young woman was detained and denied the medical treatment prescribed by her doctor. It was also inside Katherine Harris's old district and one of her biggest supporters, both politically and financially, was Don Yaeger.

Crosby left office in shame and has since led guilty to receiving kickbacks from another company which dealt with their agency.

What does this all mean? It means that a near-maniacal belief in the power of privatization to make life better, the appointment of corrupt bastards, connections to dirty lobbyists and fucking over the people you're supposed to help aren't simply aspects of the George W. Bush administration. It seems to run in the family.


Blogger Sandman said...

Capitalist Exploitation Of The Penal System Is Rampant And Happens Nationwide.New York Recently Was Forced To Exit Or
Restructure Their Deal With MCI
Privitization Only Worsens Correctional Matters,If One Fifth
Of The Money Spent For Correctional Reasons Was Spent With A Bent Towards Prevention,Maybe This Would Not Be A Problem...

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Lesly said...

It's Florida... which is to say, it's socially on par with Texas but has a lot more beachfront.

4:55 PM  

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