Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doug Feith thinks you're stupid

He writes:
In evaluating our policy toward Iraq after Sept. 11, 2001, my office realized that CIA analysts were suppressing some of their information. They excluded reports conflicting with their favored theory: that the secular Iraqi Baathist regime would not cooperate with al-Qaeda jihadists. (We now face a strategic alliance of jihadists and former Baathists in Iraq.)
What we don't face, obviously, is an Iraqi Baathist regime. Now that we're in Iraq, we've given jihadists and Baathists a common enemy, but, before the war, there was absolutely no way the secular government of Hussein would have been able to find common ground with the religious fanatics of al Qaeda. A Republican-led Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report said so, as did the bipartisan 9/11 commission. It should also, of course, be mentioned that the mostly Sunni Baathists suddenly find themselves a relatively powerless minority in a majority Shiite country.

And, according to those who are pushing us, Feith-like, to attack Iran, we should be worrying about the Iran-backed Shiites, right? I just get so confused trying to pick kernels of truth from the shovelfuls of bullshit.

Poor Doug. He's got the job of trying to convince people that he's correct, that wars don't create strange bedfellows, and all I have to say to prove him wrong is that I, a liberal Democrat, think Pat Buchanan has been right about Iraq since the beginning.


Update: Armchair Generalist also peeks into "Doug Feith's Magic Wonderland."


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