Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good God

ABC has pictures on their website chronicling the recovery of Bob Woodruff.

If the skull above was the skull of your friend, would you cry? You shouldn't, because that would make BlackFive "very angry."

If someone said your friend wasn't as worthy of sympathy as a soldier because that friend was just "looking to get 'street cred,'" how would you feel?

The only reason we're seeing these pictures of Woodruff is because he, as the patient, had a right to them. I await the right wing bloggers' call for the release of the photos and scans of all the soldiers injured in this war, too. Why not? Shouldn't we see what the war's done to those Confederate Yankee says he cares more about?


Anonymous clarke said...

Thanks for posting this pic. TEH HOTT. I would so tap that.

This is the Courtney Friel thread, right?

(crickets, frogs, a distant wolf)

I know, I'm sorry. It's like the only way I can keep from curling up into a catatonic ball of shame and horrified awe is to be a snide asshole. To be fair, I was kinda like that before the war anyway.

Thanks for what you do--I'll give you some money when I get some.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Happenstance said...

(Thank you for this post. While the Big Blog Boys are still simmering over candy bar commercials and other irrelevant nonsense, this is the sort of article that will help change our future.)

In the movies and even Doonesbury it's always so much...nicer; the guy wakes up and a limb has been cleanly removed. There's some sort of reference to phantom pain, a little Oscar competition, but movie-minutes after they're out from under the anesthesia, they're already cracking one-liners and learning to cope like the troopers and True American Heroes they are.

Then you look at the photo of Woodruff awaiting the skull implants, his head so terribly misshapen, and you look away, eyes welling up as you realize that so very many people on both sides, young and old--who had NO IDEA what they were in for--have suffered like this...and worse still.

Oh, that Jonah Goldberg could spend even ONE HOUR in their shoes...

11:01 PM  
Blogger calugg said...

My god...

No matter how good of a surgical reconstruction Woodward has had, his brain has been compromised. It's not designed to take ANY pounding.

And, honestly, in the current photos, he looks like someone who's suffered a traumatic brain injury. He's not quite there....

Now think about the tens of thousands of GI's who have the exact same condition...

Yeah, the 101st keyboarders should spend but an hour with this horror that is now someone's life.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous brendan said...

"Yeah, the 101st keyboarders should spend but an hour with this horror that is now someone's life."

Indeed. It should happen not to them but to their children.

1:08 PM  

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