Friday, February 02, 2007

How things work in Bushland.

  1. History teacher tells his students they must accept Christ or burn in hell and Noah's ark carried dinosaurs.

  2. Student tapes statements to prove his teacher's doing things in class he probably ought not be doing.

  3. School board leaps into action. Bans taping classes without teacher permission.

There's audio at the link above.


Anonymous James F. Trumm said...

When Richard Feynman was working at Los Alamos on the Manhattan Project, he figured out that the Yale safes that were being used at the facility to store plans for the atom bomb were not very secure. Feynman was an amateur safecracker, and to demonstrate his concerns, he showed the military brass how quickly he could open one of their safes. The military response was swift and certain: Feynman was banned from certain areas of the base where especially sensitive documents were stored in Yale safes.

Evidently that kind of thinking is alive and well and has taken up residence with the Kearny, New Jersey School Board.

1:49 PM  

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