Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wells avoids imitating art

Jane Hamsher, who should know better, has some questions about the Libby trial.
When Ted Wells came back from lunch today and announced that he had released Dick Cheney as a witness I was damn near brokenhearted. After all that, and Shooter lets me down. Did he not want to testify on Libby's behalf, did Team Libby decide he could do more harm than good, or did they never intend to call him at all? We'll probably never know.
Jane, Jane Jane... It's obvious why he won't be called. Observe:
They began spreading wild rumours about faulty conclusion--and then "Old Big Time". I was to blame for Wilson's incompetence. [At this point, Cheney would begin rolling shotgun pellets around in his hand.] Wilson was the perfect public servant, but not Cheney. But the yellowcake, that's where I had them. I proved with geometric logic that a evidence of a meeting existed. I could have produced that evidence. They were protecting someone...

A note: If you really don't get what I'm saying, replace "yellowcake" with "strawberries" and I think you'll see what I'm getting at. If you don't, you need to watch The Caine Mutiny because you're missing out on an important cultural moment.


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