Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who paid Jonah's debt?

Here's the list of the people who've covered Jonah's bet:
David Rees
Matt Ortega
Charles Kuffner
Christopher Dumler
Sean-Paul Kelley
Jesus' General
Markos Moulitsas Zuniga
Adam Bonin
Tom Tomorrow
Ian Welsh
Stephanie Taylor
Taylor Marsh
Robin Marty
David Neiwert
Walter Ludwig
And there are others, some who asked not to be named and some who said they simply could not bring themselves to post "in honor of" Jonah. I'll post others as they come in, but it should suffice to say that far more than $1000 was raised.

It's a good cause and I hope you consider donating more to the USO. It really is a great boon to service members and their families.

Editor and Publisher covered the fact we paid Jonah's debt here, speaking to me early in the morning before we topped the $1000 mark.

Jonah wrote saying that he was "I've said the war was a mistake and that cole would've won if he took the bet. Anything more is jumping through hoops for a mob. Sorry." He also mentioned at the Corner today that Juan Cole rejected the bet, adding he had to mention that because he's getting plenty of emails and "many of these enraged emailers seem to believe whatever lefty bloggers tell them." I said, for the record, that he's "right that Cole didn't officially take the bet." My argument is this: Jonah has admitted being wrong about everything except the overriding premise of his original post, that Islamic Studies Professor Juan Cole's experience and education didn't matter much where Iraq was concerned and that Jonah's "judgment is superior to his when it comes to the big picture."

That's what Jonah needs to admit being wrong about.

Update: Nitpicker got nitpicked in the comments of the original post. Erich wrote, "Actually, I thought Jonah's implication was that if Cole lost and paid him $1,000, he would donate THAT to the USO." He's right, but Cole quite decently rejected Golberg's bet--naming no organization to which he would prefer money be donated--and so the USO was hanging out there. I just tacked them on to receive the money and left out the explanation. Good catch, Erich.


Anonymous Hoffmania said...

Hey, Terry...we scraped together $25 for the cause. Great job.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Project Sanguine said...

I went in for $20.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Seitz said...

Jonah: "When I give to charity ... I will do it privately which is at it should be."

He continued: "Unless Cole had taken the bet, and I had won, in which case I would have made a REALLY BIG DEAL about it."

9:43 AM  

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