Monday, March 12, 2007

Blah blah blah, sir

Will all due respect to Gen. Pace, no one cares that he thinks homosexuality is "immoral." He might think that sex outside of wedlock, condom use, skipping church and masturbation are immoral, too, but there's no rule against it and it's his job to carry out the policies set forth by the legislature and the orders of those appointed over him. Since he can't give a mission-based reason for keeping gays in the closet footlocker, citing instead his own "upbringing" and beliefs, he can and should be ignored on this issue.


Blogger Mark H. Foxwell said...

Actually, around summer before last, Randi Rhodes was stressing on her radio show how often the fussy moralism is used to selectively railroad individual officers and soldiers. Heinlein wrote about it in "If This Goes On..." back in 1940--authoritarian types like having a huge fussy rulebook of "moral offenses" that includes so many behaviors that just about everyone actually does some of them. People who are such Eagle Scouts that they manage to get clean past this gauntlet really scare the authorities--and perhaps they should, since one probably has to be psychotic to be completely "clean."

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