Sunday, March 25, 2007

Let 'em off the hook, Jim

Well, I'm back, refreshed but sore from hiking around in the Smokies. I want to give a shout out to the excellent baristas at the Dripolator Cafe in Black Mountain, NC, and let them know that the shirt I was wearing can be purchased here. Also, if you make it to Asheville, you have to eat downtown at Salsa's. You just do. This isn't some big secret or anything, since the locals all know how great it is, but should you be whizzing by on the interstate, it's worth the short trip into town to get a meal sure to impress any foodie.

Jim has apparently been keeping you all in suspense about how to time a strobe properly and, honestly, I'm dying to know myself, so I hope he'll let us all in on the secret now. (Though I feel I must point out that amateur high speed photographers probably shouldn't be shooting guns in their garage strobe labs.)

I'll be getting back up to speed on all the happenings over the next few days--I was shocked, for example, to find out that Bush is planning on denying funding to troops in the field by vetoing a funding bill--and Jim's visit seems to have gone over well, so I've asked him to feel free to post here when the mood strikes him.


Blogger Jim said...

Welcome back, Terry!

I'll post the answer this evening to the issue of triggering the strobe.

12:24 PM  

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