Monday, March 12, 2007

The "Murder God" and his followers

Ace of Spades, whining over this little New York Times nonstory about Hollywood using environmental themes in upcoming movies, writes today:
Can anyone think of real world villains who are at this very moment killing innocent people and conspiring to kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, more, all due to the vicious notion that psychopathic mass-slaughter is commanded unto them by their Murder God?
Sure. World's full of them and when their history is written you usually find that they were supported by guys who write shit like this.
Okay, let me not be so coy and cute. I am just about ready to give my blessing to a genocidal nuclear strike on the majority of the Muslim world, and I suspect many of my countrymen are similarly itchy-fingered.

One more. One more fucking mass-murder. Go for it, boys. Give us the excuse. Some of us suspect it's inevitable and the only way to finally get it through your primative heads that we will no longer put up with being murdered by savage animals, but we need the moral pretext. We need the hot anger of fresh provocation.

So do it. If you are incapable of sharing the earth peacefully, then we will have to absent you from it. And when the nuclear fire rains down on you, you can cry out to your God and ask him "What have we possibly done to deserve this?"
Begging for your fellow citizens to be killed so that you can fulfill your bloodlust beneath a veneer of morality? The Murder God is pleased.

Tell me again how you're better than a terrorist sympathizer, Ace.


Blogger Super Geek said...

'absent you from it'? who the hell taught this moron how to speak? I didn't know absent was a verb, much less an active one.

beyond that, ace, et al, is a jingoist bigoted, warmongering bastard. big surprise there.

12:07 PM  

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