Thursday, March 08, 2007

Roger Ailes: Hero of diversity!

An excerpt from Roger Ailes speech, accepting an award from the very people he despises.
The greatest danger to journalism is a newsroom or a profession where everyone thinks alike. Because then one wrong turn can cause an entire news division to implode. We must respect and encourage diversity of thought and speech in the newsroom.
I actually agree with this, but let's see how Ailes puts this concept into practice with a sampling of excerpts from his own anchors and contributors.
Bill O'Reilly: In the "Personal Story" segment tonight, I've been telling you for more than a year now that some on the far left want the USA to lose the war in Iraq. And not do very well in the war on terror.

John Gibson: Why does the left-wing media want us to lose (the war in Iraq)?

Bill O'Reilly: (T)he American media is not helping anyone by oversimplifying the situation and rooting for the USA to lose in Iraq. And that is what some media people are doing.

Ann Coulter (on Fox News): I'm getting a little tired of even having to discuss what the Democrats are chitchatting about. They want us to lose in Iraq. That will help them. They're in the position of the Mujahedeen. They will acquire more power if America is defeated in Iraq.

Bill O'Reilly: There are people who want us to lose in Iraq. And they're the far left loons who put their ideology above the welfare of the country. But for those of us who want an aggressive war on terror, in the beginning this looked like an OK strategy, and now it's turned out to be a semi-disaster.

John Gibson: Once again, the lefties are seen cheering terrorist victories and seem to be pulling for the wrong side.

Bill O'Reilly: I think the mainstream press is afraid. But the fringe far-left is, I think, rooting for the terrorists.

Sean Hannity: And now we've got George Bush, who's put his whole presidency on the line to defend this country after we were attacked on 9/11, versus the nine modern day Democratic appeasers. It's really just history in the making.

Bill O'Reilly: These pinheads running around going, "Get out of Iraq now," don't know what they're talking about. These are the same people before Hitler invaded in World War II that were saying, "Ah, he's not such a bad guy." They don't get it.

John Gibson: If Democrats who hate Bush and who hate the war in Iraq win, the insurgents win. I'm sorry but it's true. America will set a date to get out and Jihad will have carried the day.

Sean Hannity: Also coming up tonight: if the Democrats win -- if they win in November, is it a victory for the terrorists? Some people are saying that.
Diversity of thought, Fox style.


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