Monday, March 19, 2007


It's been over two years since my wife and I have had a chance to take a vacation. In that time, I completed a tour in Afghanistan, finished college and left the military behind. Mrs. Nitpicker finished her second degree and joined the military. We moved. Stuff happened. It's been nuts.

This morning, we'll heading north to spend a few days in the woods near Asheville, NC. I will be blissfully incommunicado, so I've invited my good friend and frequent commenter "Jim" (and wouldn't you like to know if that's his real name) to sit in here and keep you up to date for a few days. Jim, you may remember, is the clever mug who sent me this picture below. It's real, trust me. He later sent me the bullet-split card, which is now framed and mounted above my desk.

I hope you all will come by and show Jim some love while he's here.


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