Thursday, March 08, 2007

Time to change marketing companies

If you happen to have business with the firm where professional victim Matt Sanchez happens to be a partner, I'd suggest thinking about a move. Sanchez won award at CPAC recently because, as far as I can tell, someone called him stupid. Turns out the Marine Reservist is gay, or, at least, acted in gay porn films under the names like Pierre LaBranche and Rod Majors. In his whiny, awful article in Salon today (and the unedited version on Michelle Malkin's site), Sanchez shows that he's not the brightest of conservative lights.

Remember, a spotlight was shone on CPAC's event this year because Ann Coulter called someone a "faggot." Yet Sanchez--a marketing professional--acts suprised that some see as newsworthy CPAC recognizing a gay man (and former porn star) at that same event.

Coulter and others defended the use of the anti-gay slur, saying it just meant girlie-man or wussy. But Sanchez, a Marine, proved that very definition wrong.

If one of the partners of your marketing firm is shocked by the reporting of this information, it's time to get some new people on your firm's side.

Update: Malkin, who initially wrote that CPAC "should do more extensive background research before handing out an honor with Jeane Kirkpatrick's name on it," has now decided that liberals are "hate-filled" because someone "outed" his "gay porn past." For the record, "outing" is a term traditionally reserved for times when someone uncovers a secret life someone else has been carefully hiding. It's hard to argue that Sanchez was "outed" when you can go buy reminders of his past for $29.95 at Randy Bottom's House of Video.

Update: As ever, Sifu Tweety was way ahead of me on this.


Blogger elite.micro said...

Damn, your comments are the most spot on regarding this topic I've seen yet. Looks like Sanchez is going to cash in on the moment and I believe the Right-Wing Republicans will embrace him even more - as long as he insinuates that he's over being the dirty evil nasty gay. Notice how in his interviews he dances around the subject just like Jeff Gannon did.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous The Fool said...

For anyone to claim with a straight face that "faggot" isn't an anti-gay slur is absofuckinglutely incredible.

12:33 AM  

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