Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Funnier and funnier

Little Green Footballs--pretty stupid on any day--dipped down into super stupid today. First, they mocked Nancy Pelosi for wearing what they called a hijab, never mind the fact that it was a scarf, that she was in a mosque and that many religions (including Christian sects) require headcoverings for women in a place of worship.

People who can use a little thing I like to call The Google quickly pointed out that both Laura Bush and Condi Rice have worn hijabs.

The LGF response to their idiocy being uncovered? But Nancy Pelosi is in Syria! Laura Bush was in Israel.

Nice try, but Laura actually looks to be wearing a real hijab and was still visiting a mosque.

I love watching idiot right wing bloggers try to justify mindlessness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niether Nancy Pelosi nor Laura Bush are wearing hijabs. Hijabs cover the hair.

6:53 PM  

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