Friday, April 20, 2007

More on Beach Boy McCain

Brian Beutler provides an interesting observation with respect to McCain's latest tune:

It occurs to me...
...that if an Iranian leader with great visibility--say, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad--had been videotaped singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb America," (which, yes, sounds foolish but you get the idea) it wouldn't be taken lightly here. Fox News would treat it as a sign that the regime was unstable and dangerous and, voila, we'd allow it to bring us a step closer to war.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Lighten up.

Here is a site where you and your readers can find more hilarious Vince Vance Classics!

11:41 AM  
Blogger jimbales said...

Actually, that wasn't Terry's post, it was mine.

2:26 PM  
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