Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rudy sez: Checks? Balances? Whatever...

Apparently Rudy Giuliani thinks the president can simply ignore Congress's control of the purse strings and "redirect" funds to keep the war going. Even Rich Lowry seems to think Giuliani is showing he has a poor grasp of the Constitution.

Hell, not even Bush has suggested a president can overrule Congress on funding.

Update: Glenn Greenwald pulls Giuliani apart as only he can.


Anonymous Percyprune said...

You guys really need to read up on King Charles I. He believed in a unitary executive and quibbled with parliament over who could raise money to run the country and an Army. Of course these things led to the civil wars in England, Scotland and Ireland and Charles Stuart lost his head. However, the bit worth paying special attention to was how for a number of years he successfully circumvented parliament, raised money and financed a navy and armies for foreign wars. It took a lot of effort (and chicanery) to force parliament to turn on the king and fight him. There was much inertia to be overcome once the head of state asserted his belief in his right to ignore the English constitution.

3:07 PM  
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