Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Joe Klein is of two (or more) minds

During this podcast interview with Ana Marie Cox, he says:
The other thing I would mention specifically is the tendency in places like Kos to value tactics over substance, to try and force Democratic politicians to take tactical positions that Markos thinks are good ones, that may or may not be good. I happen to think you don't do tactics on an issue like the war, like war and peace, life and death, you do, you vote what is the right policy.
Doesn't that sound wonderfully noble? However, he goes on to say:
The important thing here is--was my feeling, which was then, remains to this day, that voting against the funding for Iraq was a really bad idea substantively and tactically for Democrats.
Tactics, in other words, should not be mentioned unless they agree with what Joe Klein believes.

There's much more, of course, and Klein comes off as pissy and whiny, continually referring to his 38 years of reporting experience. But what has he learned? Quote:
Sorry, this is a war we're talking about and I really don't care about these stupid little details.
Of course, my pointing out that he said that is, he says, just part of a concerted effort to undermine his credibility.


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