Friday, June 15, 2007


Doesn't this sound like Fox's entertainment reporter thinks that risking your life to report on terrorists and covering the red carpet are similar?
Our report yesterday about Angelina Jolie banning press from interviews and requiring interviewers to sign contracts touched off a firestorm. Mostly it was from colleagues who were relieved that we’d finally lifted the veil on all this craziness.

And it wasn’t just about FOX News getting banned from the red carpet. That was bad, but it wasn’t the central issue. Jolie treats all the press with hostility unless she can control the outcome of an interaction. Insisting interviewers sign contracts was an affront, considering that her movie is about the murder of a reporter who tried bravely to do his job. And then to pretend empathy by raising money at the movie for Reporters Without Borders. The hypocrisy and arrogance were overwhelming.
What a whiny little bastard Friedman is. Apparently he doesn't realize she wasn't raising money for Reporters Without Velvet Ropes.


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