Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just sayin'

John Gibson, who once said he was undecided about whether he'd rather watch two men "smooching" or watch someone get their fingernails pulled out, thinks Vladimir Putin is teh sex.
It's the Friday Finals, my choices for the week's biggest winners and losers, and the reasons why. First the winners.

The all-star winner this week is Vladimir Putin for the shirtless picture of the Russian president on a fishing vacation in Siberia. Russians were wowed.

The second winner's spot goes to Putin for another shirtless picture on the same vacation. Europeans go weak and pallid with envy.

The third winner goes to Putin for another picture from that same vacation. American presidential candidates are standing in front of full-length mirrors saying, "Uh oh."

Vladimir Putin, all-around winner of the week, sweeping aside any other because, after all, everybody else is a mere mortal.


Blogger Gary Vincent said...

As has become fairly obvious after the Larry Craig thing, inside every republican is one of the village people...

5:45 AM  
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