Thursday, August 16, 2007

A note to Barack Obama (and all other Democrats)

Sean Hannity and the Foxholes are going after Barack Obama's statement that we should have had "enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians" This is what the members of the disgusting right wing noise machine do. They turn a straight forward and extremely reasonable point into a smear because, as we know, reason hurts them.

As Josh Marshall pointed out today, both George W. Bush and Hamid Karzai have bemoaned the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan as well, with not a peep from the right wing crazies.

Obama should not get in the mud with them on this, but I think he can answer this by simply pointing out that "honest, serious" people know what he was saying: More troops in Afghanistan might have prevented civilian deaths. He can even say that this is a perfect example of why Fox couldn't be trusted to host a debate. When one of their most recognizable and promoted faces--he has two shows, after all--goes out of his way to lie about what Obama was saying, it just goes to show how partisan, ridiculous and unserious that so-called news network is. And anyone who plays along with their bullshit like Mitt Romney did is equally ridiculous.

Here's what Obama cannot do: Apologize.

I do not think I am alone in saying that I'm sick of those on my side thinking they have to apologize every time the Republihorde starts lighting their torches and dusting off their pitchforks. Screw them. They've been talking to each other so long they don't realize the American public has quit listening.

So, when Dick Durbin apologized for saying that an FBI agent's description of prisoner mistreatment by American soldiers seemed more like the description of actions taken by "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others," I was pissed. He should simply have said that some soldiers have done horrible things--as the FBI agent described--and it was Rumsfeld, Bush and their disdain for human rights which were the direct causes of those horrors.

I said something similar when Obama rightly pointed out that Bush's war was wasting the lives of American soldiers, but Obama apologized twice for that statement.

Enough's enough, though. As we've seen in the Roadblock Republicans in Congress, the right doesn't seem to care about actual governance or dealing truthfully with the American public. They just want to keep Democrats from getting things done. Period. The next president will have to be able to deal with the daily misinformation that comes from Malkin, Limbaugh et al., so it's imperative that our candidates quit letting those bastards tell them how to talk. Obama is exactly right in saying that a reliance on air power leads to more civilian deaths. But, if he apologizes, he will not only have lost this argument, he will have lost me and every other Democrat who's ready to see someone stand up to the right wing smear artists.

Update: Newshounds nailed this one.


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The truth does not need apologies!

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