Thursday, August 30, 2007

Victor Davis Hanson wants you to take Osama bin Laden at his word

Sweet Jumping Jesus Victor Davis Hanson is an idiot!
(T)here is at least one group whose hatred of Bush is more than welcome: bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorists.

Now, if you were to believe the criticisms of the president by many of the groups outlined above, it would follow that bin Laden would actually be delighted by Bush’s “war on terror.”

After all, Bush supposedly waged an unnecessary and divisive war that only empowered his enemies. The administration supposedly drove “moderates” into bin Laden’s camp, divided the American public over Iraq, and turned off allies with Guantanamo and wiretaps. We are surely less safe, it is argued, post-9/11.

But why then does bin Laden hate George Bush so passionately? He serially rants about the president. In October 2004 he even released a pre-election video addressed to Americans, lambasting Bush in hopes that he would lose the election.


Al Qaeda terrorists no doubt hate every American president. But bin Laden’s venom for feisty George Bush is special, galvanized by the president’s success in eroding al Qaeda militarily while trying to foster enough reform to ruin the terrorist organization politically.
Unfortunately, bin Laden isn't as dumb as VeeDee Hanson and understands basic reverse psychology, a concept which seems to elude Hanson, but is so simple it's understood by rabbits. If bin Laden actually wanted to get rid of Bush, he would come out and praise him for invading Iraq and making al Qaeda's recruiting job easier. I don't think that would go over very well with Americans, would it?

The CIA agrees with me on this:
Just before the 2004 American elections, Kilcullen was doing intelligence work for the Australian government, sifting through Osama bin Laden's public statements, including transcripts of a video that offered a list of grievances against America: Palestine, Saudi Ara-bia, Afghanistan, global warming. The last item brought Kilcullen up short. "I thought, Hang on! What kind of jihadist are you?" he recalled. The odd inclusion of environmentalist rhetoric, he said, made clear that "this wasn't a list of genuine grievances. This was an Al Qaeda information strategy." Ron Suskind, in his book "The One Percent Doctrine," claims that analysts at the C.I.A. watched a similar video, released in 2004, and concluded that "bin Laden's message was clearly designed to assist the President's reelection." Bin Laden shrewdly created an implicit association between Al Qaeda and the Democratic Party, for he had come to feel that Bush's strategy in the war on terror was sustaining his own global importance.
Sadly, useful idiots like Hanson still think bin Laden can be taken at his word and lap up jihadist propaganda without the slightest bit of skepticism.

After my last post on Hanson, I received an e-mail asking why he gets under my skin so much. I'll tell you: It's not simply because he's an utter sophist who's always wrong, but because he's still taken seriously by people making important decisions.

Update: There seems to be an epidemic of obtuseness and George W. Bush is another vector.


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