Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Silly New Orleanians and Their Pre-11/02/2004-mindsets

Robert Draper talking about his new book at Salon notes this bit from the Preznit:
In the wake of Katrina, (Bush) sort of pushed back on his aides who said he should take more responsibility. And saying, People not getting bottles of water, do they expect me to be the one doing that? There was sort of this petulance.
However, back in September, 2004...
On Wednesday afternoon Red Cross President and CEO Marty Evans joined President George W. Bush, his brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown on a tour of several eastern Florida communities damaged by Hurricane Frances earlier this month.

The President handed out relief supplies with volunteers at the Lawnwood Recreation Area. Evans said that many unsuspecting drivers did double takes as President Bush cheerfully asked them, “What can we help you with?”

“It was apparent that people really appreciated seeing the President roll up his sleeves to help disaster victims," said Evans.
The caption for the Red Cross photo below? "President George W. Bush hands out water and ice to hurricane victims in Florida."


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