Monday, May 12, 2008

More whiners whine

It's not just Mark Salter crying big, drippy tears over the Newsweek story. Now Steve Schmidt--another McCain aide--jumps in, complaining to Rich Lowry.
It's one of the top five most biased pieces of journalism ever written. It's a broad attack on the Republican party. It deliberately fails to mention the increasing negative energy on the side and the 527's on the left. It tries to define issues of great importance as illegitimate. It could be titled, 'Thus Speaketh Evan Thomas.' But he doesn't get to define what issues Americans consider important on election day.

Funny, but despite the fact then-Bush-campaign-aide Steve Schmidt bitched and moaned when Kerry pointed out the many connections between the Bush campaign and the Swift Boaters, Bush confirmed Kerry's accusations by doing an end-run around Congress to appoint one of the groups biggest donors as the ambassador to Belgium. Of course, I'm sure Schmidt would say there's no "there there."

But here's how his fellow Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign aide Patrick Ruffini--whom John Podhoretz called a "brilliant blogger," "GOP-uber-webguy," and "invaluable" on the National Review group blog--recently described how Bush used the Swift Boaters to his advantage in that campaign.
In many ways, the Bush campaign had the right approach with the Swift Boat Veterans. Any functionary or board member who had been connected in any way with the Swift Vets resigned from the campaign. The campaign told them — and, crucially, any 527 — to take down their ads. They repeated that they respected Kerry’s service — without turning into a mouthpiece for the Kerry Vietnam narrative.

But nothing was done to single out or disrespect John O’Neill and the other veterans who had earned their right to speak.
And he continues:
The challenge in modern Presidential campaign is not simply to paint your opponent as wrong on the issues, and to prevail in a civil debate. It is to render the opponent unacceptable to 48% of the electorate, and merely less preferable to 3%. Despite McCain’s troubles with the base, conservative media (and Hillary) are doing the heavy lifting on the unacceptable part.
In other words, McCain gets to act as if he's above the fray while others do the smear work and that is exactly what Kerry complained about and the article says the Obama campaign is prepared to fight.

Whiners can whine all they want, but the proof of Republican dirty trickery--and approval of it by party hacks--isn't hard to find.


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