Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good guys don't lie

Here's everything you need to know about how Republicans see the world and how it has screwed us over the years. In the newly released "Phase II" report on the intelligence that took us to Iraq, the Committee points out that no one in the government tried to "determine the true intentions of the foreign government with regard to interacting with the Iranians or Mr. Ghorbanifar." The Republican committee members complain in the minority report (page 46, pdf link):
We do not understand what this sentence is trying to suggest and do not understand why anyone would be concerned about the "true motives" of the foreign government. Is the suggestion that we need to be concerned that the foreign government had an ulterior or nefarious motive? The foreign government is one of our closest allies, often assisting us with all types of government issues--they even assist us in war. Why would DoD think the foreign government had a mysterious motive?
Tell me again how Democrats are naive when it's the Republicans who "do not understand" why we might want to question the motives of even our allies when we are heading toward war.

Update: If, like John Bolton, you're still interested in trying to paint Democrats as naive for their "willingness to meet with the leaders of rogue states," then you may want to take both the above paragraph into account and it would be nice if you were honest enough to point out the Iraq Study Group expressly called for direct diplomacy with Iran.


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