Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stop lying, Senator McCain!

Last night John McCain apparently repeated his false claim that Katrina caused no oil spills. He did so at a fundraiser, while defending his offshore drilling flip-flop:
Republican presidential candidate John McCain is defending his decision to switch position in favor of U.S. offshore oil drilling as he seeks votes in environmentally conscious California.

In appearances in coastal Santa Barbara and inland Fresno, McCain said on Monday he believed he had made the right decision at a time of record-high gasoline prices but that it would be up to individual states to choose whether offshore drilling is right for them.

McCain was challenged on his position reversal at an unlikely event -- a fundraiser in his honor in Santa Barbara. A participant, Dan Secord, questioned whether he could compete in California against Democratic opponent Barack Obama by advocating drilling for oil off its shores.

"We're really kind of goosey here about oil spills, and we're goosey here about federal drilling and oil lands, which are abundant offshore," he told McCain.

McCain told Secord he believes in a state's right to make such decisions and pointed out that Texas and Louisiana had weathered hurricanes in 2005 that did not lead to oil spills at nearby offshore facilities.
This is at least the second time McCain has made a false statement on this issue, despite the fact that--as the Wonk Room pointed out--an official report showed that "Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Caused 124 Offshore Spills For A Total Of 743,700 Gallons." Other conservatives are picking up this false talking point, even though it's simply wrong. The spills were so big they could be seen from space.

It's time we asked: Does McCain actually know anything about anything?

Or does he just not care?


Anonymous sparrow said...

"It's time we asked: Does McCain actually know anything about anything?"

I'll go with the former, but what do I know. I'm only an avid news reader.

8:57 PM  

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