Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Surprise! Crazy People!

Andrew Sullivan points to this article by Melanie Phillips, which is basically a further attempt to smear Obama as a former Muslim (or a crypto-Muslim) and writes:
What on earth happened to her?
Should Sullivan truly be shocked by such things from the woman who wrote in 2003:
(N)ow that allied troops are laying down their lives for their countries, those who continue their protests are committing nothing less than an act of treachery.

There is now not only war in the gulf. The west is at war with itself.

The battle is between those who want to build a better world and destroy the promoters of tyranny, terrorism and mass murder, and those who wish instead to appease them — composed of a startling global coalition of the far right, communists, pacifists, terrorists, anarchists, defeatists, antisemites and useful idiots.
To those of us who never supoorted the war and, therefore, were considered one of the above versions of "appeaser," it seems quite unsurprising to find out Melanie Phillips is full of shit.


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