Monday, July 07, 2008

Bushier every day

Remember the bad old days of the 2004 campaign, when Bushies were kicking people out of supposedly public events and even arresting them for the t-shirts they wore? Remember when even the bumper stickers on the car you drove to a Bush event might get you "forcibly removed"? Remember any of this?
* In August 2004, John Prather, a mild-mannered math professor at Ohio University, was removed by security from a presidential event on public property because he wore a shirt that featured John Kerry.

* On July 4, 2004, Nicole and Jeff Rank were arrested at a Bush event in West Virginia for wearing T-shirts that criticized the president. (About the same time the Ranks were being taken away in handcuffs, Bush was reminding the audience, "On this 4th of July, we confirm our love of freedom, the freedom for people to speak their minds." The irony was rich.)

* In August 2004, campaign workers removed a family from a presidential event in Michigan because Barbara Miller, a 50-year-old chemist, carried in a rolled-up T-shirt emblazoned with a pro-choice slogan. (She wasn't even wearing it.) Miller later said, "I just wanted to see my president," and brought the extra shirt in case she got cold.

* In July 2004, Jayson Nelson, a county supervisor in Appleton, Wis., was thrown out of a presidential event because of a Kerry T-shirt. An event staffer saw the shirt, snatched the VIP ticket, and called for police. "Look at his shirt! Look at his shirt!" Nelson recalled the woman telling the Ashwaubenon Public Safety officer who answered the call. Nelson said the officer told him, "You gotta go," and sternly directed him to a Secret Service contingent that spent seven or eight minutes checking him over before ejecting him from the property.

* In October 2004, three Oregon schoolteachers were removed from a Bush event and threatened with arrest for wearing t-shirts that said, "Protect Our Civil Liberties."
In fact, in a court case that cost the Secret Service $80,000, it was discovered that the Bushies had created a manual which suggested ways to block protesters from attending events.

So it is with little surprise that I note McCain has found another area in which he agrees with Bush. He won't let anyone express their opinion near his (supposedly) public town hall events. You'll see it below, but do note that, by using Bushie tactics and chasing a 61-year-old librarian from his event, McCain staffers are proving what we've known all along: McCain=Bush.


Anonymous Jeff Borden said...

Typical gestapo tactics from a lying corrupt administration filled with the fuckhead minions of Dubya Bush.

It's no surprise that McCain, a Bush lapdog for as long as that fuckbag has held office, is now engaging in the same tactics to stifle free speech that Dubya employed. What pieces of shit, both of them.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous neal peart said...

Geddy, Alex and I approve of this noble librarian.

9:30 PM  
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