Sunday, August 24, 2008

WTF David Broder?

I simply cannot believe this shit. David Broder has some nice things to say about Joe Biden, but then, out of nowhere, this b.s. line.
Biden brings a blue-collar sensibility that has been lacking in Obama's campaign, reflecting his background in Scranton, Pa., and Wilmington, Del. I know of Democratic governors who fear that Biden's prolix rhetoric will go right over the heads of their constituents. But he has worked hard at shortening his answers to questions, and -- as David Brooks noted in his New York Times column urging Biden's selection -- this is a guy whose authenticity and heart-on-the-sleeve passions are real.

The message he surely has brought to Obama is: Your background looks elitist to many of the people I represent. The way to overcome that impression is to be in their neighborhoods, talk directly to them in small groups and show them you really understand the struggles in their lives.
I wish Broder would explain to me exactly how being raised by a single mother, earning your way into good schools by dint of hard work and talent and then eschewing vast sums of money to instead work as a community organizer is a background that "looks elitist." For God's sake, a community organizer's job description is basically
  • be in people's neighborhoods

  • talk directly to them in small groups

  • show them you really understand the struggles in their lives
Even Republican strategists don't believe this "Obama's an elitist" shit, so what makes Broder such a uniquely obtuse dumbass?


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