Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another America-hating conservative

Jay Nordlinger has another one of those unverifiable conservative fables True Life Occurrences about a "friend" of his who's just another liberal hatemonger:
I myself have a tale to relate. An episode left me kind of shaken, honestly. Last week, I was talking to a friend of mine — a very warm and humane woman. We’ve been friends for years. I had been away, and we hadn’t talked politics — but then, we never do. We never had. She’s a liberal, of course — virtually everyone here in NYC is. And I never, ever bring up politics (with pretty much anyone — not worth the trouble) (and, of course, I do it professionally).

But she said to me, out of the blue, “What do you think of Sarah Palin?” And while I was drawing breath to answer, she said, “I hate her.”

That kind of took my breath away — because this friend of mine is no hater. But she said it with firm, horrible conviction. She said it with true emotion in her eyes. Frankly, I was too taken aback to reply, other than to say, “Well, my feeling is the exact opposite.”

I can see how you might disagree with Governor Palin — she’s a conservative, after all. I can see how you might find her unprepared even for the vice-presidency. But hate? Hate a woman who rose from a modest background to be governor of her state? Who is obviously a warm, civic-minded, talented mother of five?


It must be abortion, religion, and culture. If she were pro-choice, went to a mainline church (only on Christmas and Easter), and didn’t hunt, she’d be okay. At least less attacked. But then, she wouldn’t be herself, would she?
I don't have any real explanation for Nordlinger's alleged friend's alleged hate, but I do know this: Jay Nordlinger is supposed to be a reporter, right? If this event had really occurred, wouldn't a person with a modicum of intellectual curiousity--not to mention a reporter--ask his frien why she hates Palin so much?

I know I would. And, if I were blogging about this question, well, then I'd relate that friend's answer.

But here's the kicker. Because of his alleged friend's alleged comment, Nordlinger joins the ranks of the many conservatives who, when confronted with a differing viewpoint, decide there's something wrong with their country.
I consider myself a very patriotic person, and I have been teased or damned all my life for my pro-American views — particularly in academic settings. But, I’m sorry, this is, in many ways, a sick country.
So, weep not your big, salty tears over Jay Nordlinger's being (allegedly) "teased" all his life for being "pro-American." Be heartened because he's decided to avoid the non-stop teasing by deciding that America is "sick." Just in time, too, since the alleged jackbooted thugs teasers were about to allegedly take him away and allegedly put an alleged cage of alleged rats on his face.

Or give him a nasty phone calling.

Or something.


Anonymous Redleg said...

Nordlinger is apparently unaware of all the conservative hatred directed toward Obama and Hillary and anyone who opposes the Iraq invasion.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Redleg said...

... plus, I get sick and tired of reading about these "liberal" friends conservative jackasses like Nordlinger associate with. Any liberal who would hang out with douches like Nordlinger must be a fuckin' douche too- and certainly not a real liberal.

Enough with the fuckin' anecdotes.

1:47 PM  
Blogger 23/7 said...

great point.
and i hate that they managed to turn "liberal" into a dirty word.

keep up the great work!

8:56 AM  

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