Monday, September 15, 2008

Those nasty, nasty liberals

There they go again, bashing Sarah Palin's performance during her interview:
"She did not come off as a credible vice president. The McCain campaign knows it, despite their spin..."

"She's under-informed and over-confident."

"The most that can be said in her defense is that she kept her cool and avoided any brutal gaffes; other than that, she seemed about an inch deep on every issue outside her comfort zone...there's no way to look at her performance as anything save supporting evidence for the non-hysterical critique of her candidacy - that it's just too much, too soon..."

"The foreign-policy session was a white-knuckle affair. She barely got through it and showed no knowledge more than an inch deep...She somehow bluffed her way through the Bush doctrine question. Gibson apparently didn't want to go into full 'gotcha' territory by asking flat-out if she knew what it is. And then he muddled things further with his dubious definition of it, so she was never truly nailed and there was enough ambiguity there for conservatives to defend her. The fact still remains that she very likely didn't know any of the possible definitions of the Bush doctrine...Palin seemed weak on economic and budgetary policy too, talking in the vaguest generalities."

"I am disappointed by how little she seems to know about some pretty basic stuff."
Truly, if these partisan liberals can't understand Palin's greatness, then that's their problem.

< /irony>


Blogger Ted said...

Yeh, frackin liberal media!

11:06 PM  
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