Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Building a better astroturf

According to Jonathan Martin, conservatives plan to meet after the election to figure out how they lost the people.

You know, it's weird, but that word: grassroots--I don't think it means what they think it means.
Two days after next week's election, top conservatives will gather at the Virginia weekend home of one of the movement's most prominent members to begin a conversation about their role in the GOP and how best to revive a party that may be out of power at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue next year.

The meeting will include a "who's who of conservative leaders -- economic, national security and social," said one attendee, who shared initial word of the secret session only on the basis of anonymity and with some details about the host and location redacted.


One of the topics of discussion will be how to fashion a "national grassroots political and policy coalition similar to the out Reagan years," said the attendee, a reference to the development of the so-called New Right apparatus following Jimmy Carter's 1976 victory and Reagan's election four years later.
So a "who's who" of right wingers will meet at a fellow winger's "weekend house"--weekend house!--to come up with a new grassroots community.

How could it fail?


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