Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Crazy Joe" the Plumber is not just a joke...

...he's an old joke.

15 years old, in fact.

Still, during an interview tonight on All Things Considered, McCain senior advisor Nicolle Wallace actually interrupted an interview to say:
Oh! Joe the Plumber just got on the Straight Talk Express, speaking--speaking of his words, his wisdom and his economic ideas...
His wisdom? His economic ideas? Really? McCain, the guy who started this campaign talking about his experience in Washington is relying on the "wisdom" and "economic ideas" of Sam Wurzelbacher? A plumber (unlicensed) who doesn't pay his taxes, who doesn't understand the difference between a progressive tax scheme and socialism, who would get a tax cut under Obama's plan, who says he was going to buy a business (but had no real plan to do so), but seems to really, really want to be a congressman, a country singer and, hell, I don't know, a fireman and an astronaut--this is the savior of the McCain campaign?

John Stuart Mill famously called the conservatives of his day the "stupid party." In 1953, Russell Kirk began his landmark book The Conservative Mind with Mill's claim and then spent many pages trying to disprove it. Somewhere, Mill is looking down on the McCain campaign, elbowing Kirk and laughing uproariously.


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