Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fox helps make the right stupid(er)

Harold Myerson is picking up what I'm putting down. In an "open letter" column to Fox News he writes:
You're not alone in reinforcing those beliefs that marginalize the Republican right, of course. You've got plenty of help from Rush and all the little Limbaughs who dominate talk radio. But together with your allies, you haul truckloads of troglodyte garbage to your flock.


(R)ather than present these voters with a picture of a complex, changing world, you guys at Fox serve chiefly to reinforce their fears, to paint people who hold different viewpoints as alien and threatening.

In that sense, your work remains dangerous and disintegrative to the nation. But it is also, more narrowly, tactically, for now, a great gift to liberals and Democrats. You ensure the ongoing Palinization and marginalization -- electorally, the terms are synonymous -- of the Republican Party.
Which, again, is a secondary reason why I don't support the "Fairness Doctrine." The right's making a mistake and, as Napoleon supposedly advised, we shouldn't interrupt them.


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