Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Idiot calls Iraqis ingrates

I shit you not.

Andy McCarthy at the National Review:
Thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions in taxpayer funds have been expended to provide Iraqis the opportunity to live freely. And this despite the facts that (a) the U.S. interest in Iraqi democracy remains tenuous (our interest was the elimination of Saddam’s terror-mongering, weapons-proliferating regime), and (b) Americans were assured, when the nation-building enterprise commenced, that oil-rich Iraq would underwrite our sacrifices on its behalf. Yet, to be blunt, the Iraqis remain ingrates. That stubborn fact complicates everything.
In other words, why can't the Iraqis appreciate all the money we wasted on neocon fantasies, when all they've had to is lay back and enjoy it?


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