Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maybe the media is liberal

After all, if they weren't in the tank for the Democrats, why would they keep letting Sarah Palin talk?

Palin on the Today Show: "The attraction is where can I best serve people whom I will forever be accountable to?"

Palin on CNN: Yeah, Obama does pal around with terrorists, but I can't wait to help him succeed! "Now is the time to move forward together, start progressing America."

Palin on Fox News: "So I would like to see, perhaps, some of these feminist women -- and sometimes, you know, I consider myself, too, as a feminist, whatever that means."

Dan Kois, a New York magazine blogger, gets it, writing that it's "kind of mean" to actually quote Sarah Palin.
We recognize that Sarah Palin is legitimately so inarticulate that it is difficult to quote her without highlighting that fact. But still.


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