Monday, November 03, 2008

Stay classy, wingers!

Sadly, No! highlights the nuttiness over at Free Republic, where one would expect people to be crazy and accuse Obama of somehow timing his grandmother's death.

It's also bad over at the Big Tent of Bias, where Kenny "Shitty Sideburns" Shepherd thinks Joe Klein goes overboard in highlighting our historic election while celebrating the life of Madelyn Dunham. His post is called, "Time's Klein Turns Obama Grandmother Obit Blog Into Worship Fest for Obamessiah," but it has little content, so it's not worth really talking about.

Then there are the comments.
hirogen73: i think it very suspisious that barack husain obama's grammy died only one day before the day to re elect obama? they probabley kept her alive longer than necesary in order to let her died on before the night before election day. so people will say 'oh poor obama grammy, i better veto for him". whatever. he is still a socalist who pals around with terorits in his own living room and he wonts to give my peace of pie to somebody else.

TruthMonger: she was probably fine just a few days ago

and then "suddenly" and "mysteriously" took a turn for the worst - and it just happens to be great sympathetic press in the home stretch!

just like the wellstone funeral

they never learn

Lame Cherry: I sincerely hope that Mrs. Dunham found Jesus and truly repented as I hope Mr. and Mrs. Obama with their children find the True Messiah in being saved from themselves.

In noting that, it is a very bad series of omens around Obama. Tony Dean his liberal "rich guy sportsman" died of nothing. Today Obama's Nevada chair died. His Grandmother dies the day before the election.

Cynics in the PUMA branch will wonder if they dripped up Gram on morphine today to make her a public sympathy vote.
That kind of bad vibe is what one considers just like around Bill Clinton events.

MeowMeow: Throw up.

Dirjj: I'm of 2 minds here. On one side, I feel sad for her passing, on the other side, I wonder how much of this was orchestrated.

Face it. According to media reports 2 weeks ago, she was hospitalized with a broken hip, or something of that nature. One minute, she was terminal, and the next, it was nothing. Nothing so much, that when the Messiah went to see her, he left his wife and children behind. These kids were her only grandchilren too!

I would never put it past Obama, or the Democrats to "orchestrate" the passing of anyone for political gain. I'm already wondering what the Nevada Campaign Manager did wrong.
Lest you think I'm cherry-picking, I've quoted fully half of the comments posted as I write this. Only one has the humanity to suggest to his fellows that while "the media coverage, his policies and everything else relating to Barack Obama has been repulsive" they should "show some class."

Update: Still going over there:
"You would think having been raised by a white woman, Obama would have more respect and gratitude for white people and not the animosity he seems to have towards them."

"I don't mean to be disrespectful, but are we sure that this story that his grandmother is dead is true? If it is, I'm sorry...But this timing is interesting, isn't it?"

"Please forgive me but since the liberal media started this. I bet that Grandma's death was timed to provide the greatest political benefit."
A side benefit of an Obama win would be the horror it would cause these people.

(By the way, at the top of that page, you'll see a link to the story, "GOP Palin Critics ‘Intellectual,’ Palin Backers ‘Knuckle-Draggers’?" The knuckle-draggers are shocked by such language!)


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The base of the Republican Party is drenched in evil. Palin must be so proud to call these people her supporters.

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