Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Surely the right won't stop defending their country now...

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro writes a "pouty" column in the Wall Street Journal about how mean we've all been to poor George W. Bush. He points out that Bush's "bipartisan efforts" have been rebuffed, but can't actually figure out what those "bipartisan efforts" might have been, instead pointing only to quotes from Bush's 2004 victory speech.

Call me forgetful, but I seem to remember everyone being "bipartisan" in their victory speech. That's not really an effort.

Here's the kicker, though. Near the end of his piece, Shapiro writes:
The treatment President Bush has received from this country is nothing less than a disgrace. The attacks launched against him have been cruel and slanderous, proving to the world what little character and resolve we have.
I expect the Weekly Standard to swiftly denounce Shapiro's characterization of our country's lack of "character and resolve." Or does the nation have something to prove?

Update: Paul Krugman.


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