Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teaching bad research skills to children

A young girl who lives in a liberal-leaning neighborhood wears a pro-McCain t-shirt to school and some of her fellow classmates say mean things to her. This is proof of a deep-seated intolerance among liberals to an idiotic Chicago Tribune columnist. Meanwhile, right-wing wack-job and advocate of tolerance the racial profiling and internment of Muslims Michelle Malkin commiserates over a fellow misunderstood victim of the hate-filled left a few name-callers.

For the record: My son wore the Obama shirt above to middle school here in very conservative Pensacola and was called stupid, gay and even n***er. He laughed the insults off as stupid and wore the shirt again on Election Day.

Include me in the camp that is not shocked--shocked!--to find that A) kids can be mean and B) they pick up and reflect their parents political leanings and prejudices.

Update: Oddly, Malkin has been silent so far about this adult's antics:
An instructional aide at a McCandless vocational school is serving an unpaid suspension for making what a student described as racist comments directed at President-elect Barack Obama.

During a lunch period last week, the aide at A.W. Beattie Career Center said Obama would be killed, KFC would be emblazoned on the American flag and the national anthem would become "Movin' on Up," according to the student's mother.

"He's infuriated when anyone mentions Obama," said Mara Gilligan, 38, of Ross, whose biracial daughter complained to a teacher about the comments. "That's fine, you can have your own beliefs, but when you start yelling at someone, that's unacceptable."
And I couldn't find anything on her site about Greg Howard.
The comments made by Greg Howard, a Marianna teacher suspended for writing inappropriate comments about presidential candidate Barack Obama, have been released.

Larry Moore, deputy superintendent for the Jackson County School District, said school officials determined Howard wrote an acronym with an explanation on a dry-erase board in his seventh-grade social-studies class at Marianna Middle School. It said, "C.H.A.N.G.E. - Come Help A (N-word) Get Elected."
Nor does she seem interested in a busload of kids chanting "assassinate Obama."

I'm sure these are simple oversights.


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