Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Admission of failure

Shorter Andrew Sullivan:
As the editor of The New Republic, I printed things I knew weren't true.
P.S.: This drives me apeshit:
I always viewed The New Republic not as a tablet of liberal stone, but as a place where liberalism should be unafraid of challenges to it, and where lazy liberalism needed to be given a work-out. I enjoyed driving many liberals a little crazy in the untraditional, experimental - and often conservative and libertarian - pieces I commissioned...
Since a magazine's slant can only be defined by the pieces it runs, then it can't, by definition, be considered liberal if it's running "conservative and libertarian" pieces. And The New Republic hasn't really been liberal since. Say what you will about the right wing magazines, but at least they understand you don't hire an editor who opposes the bedrock principles on which the magazine was founded.


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