Monday, October 05, 2009

Creepy dudes and double standards

So, on Thursday, David Letterman revealed he had had sex with female employees. What was interesting to me was that, as the story has unfolded, it was clear that Letterman never even thought of giving in to the extortionist. It was also clear that some attempt had been made to make sure that Letterman hadn't used his authority to pressure those women into sex with him.As the Times reported:
According to one person inside the company, CBS executives did quietly seek and receive assurances that none of the women Mr. Letterman was talking about were under age and that no woman who was involved with him had felt threatened about her job.
Still, it was, as Letterman said, creepy. There's a reason that the military, for example, outlaws any such relationships between leaders and their subordinates: One can never know for sure how coerced one might feel when the boss comes onto him or her.

So the right, which considers Letterman an enemy, decided to believe the worst about him. (Emphasis Nitpicker's.)
"Letterman is seemingly learning that sexual harrassment and libel can be detrimental to a career. The irony is rich, particularly in light of those aspiring politicians struck down by the Leftwing celebrity media for running while Republican. Sort of like driving while black....the profiling can be a pain in the ass. So, I wonder if David Letterman was engaged in this sexual harassment while he was making jokes about Willow Palin?" - Wizbang

"Just as he must have an office full of people who can write jokes and comic routines — who must share a lot of not-that-businesslike comraderie — he needs pretty ladies to keep his senses well-honed. It's part of the structure of a business that revolves around a performer. The funnyman needs his supply of sex, and the paying career positions on the staff can be used to create a pool of potential sexual partners who will keep the old man bolstered up." - Ann Althouse

"Letterman is a hypo-creep who makes millions belittling people who disagree with his politics while he is abusing his power over his female staff." - Legal Insurrection

"As reader John Tuttle writes: “It’s ‘office romance’ when Democrats do it. It’s ’sexual harassment’ when Republicans do it. Time to repeal sex harassment laws.

"There does seem to be a double standard here..." - Instapundit
As I've said, I have no idea whether sexual harassment or abuse of authority actually occurred because I have no idea whether a) Letterman was the one to initiate the sexual relationships or b) whether those advances were unwelcome. Still, Letterman's right. It's creepy.

Yet there clearly is a double standard here and it's Letterman who's being held to it by those righty blogs.

On Thursday another report came out from the New York Times detailing the ways in which Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) may have violated ethics regulations in order to cover up an affair with a former aide, Cindy Hampton. We've known since June that Ensign had this affair with the aide and we've known since July that Ensign's parents paid off the aide to the tune of nearly $100,000.

The whole sordid affair is made worse by the fact that Doug Hampton, the husband of Ensign's mistress, was also an Ensign aide, so, if undue influence was used to initiate the sexual relationship, then two jobs--the family's entire income--may have hung in the balance based on Cindy's answer to Ensign's advances.

But with months to address the issue, I can find no posts on any of these blogs--or any righty blogs--which suggest that Ensign is guilty of sexual harassment.

Yet look at the actions of the two men: Letterman refused to give in to a blackmailer and contacted the police. Ensign, on the other hand, called his parents and had them cut a check to the Hamptons, snagged Doug Hampton a job and then, it seems, probably violated ethical regulations in dealing with Hampton too soon on legislative matters. In other words, Letterman admitted his error and help catch a crook; Ensign did everything he could to cover up his error and may have become a crook himself.

So, just like Letterman's case, I have no idea whether Ensign is guilty of sexual harassment. I do know, though, that one of those men sure is acting guilty. And the right is doing its best to ignore that.


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