Monday, May 31, 2010

Excuse me, there's a clerical error in my mouth

Mark Kirk claims that his "Intelligence Officer of the Year" award was misidentified in his bio, as if some clerk made a mistake.

But there's video of Kirk using the award as a claim to special authority in a hearing.


Blogger Leslie said...

Uh, it wasn't even the SAME award. The Navy gives out the Naval Intelligence Officer of the Year Award annually to an individual. The award Kirk's unit won (and it was the entire battalion--not HIS squadron) is given annually by a military association that is privately funded. The Rufus Taylor award they received is named after a man who actually DID receive the NIOY award many years ago, so it's particularly egregious that Kirk made the claim he did. Why is this worse than Blumenthal? Because he testified to Congress that he got the award, he put it on all his professional resumes and filing papers for office, he put it on all his official websites. In addition, he lied about running combat missions in Iraq, Kosovo, and on the ground in Afghanistan, where he spent less than two weeks!!!

8:59 AM  
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