Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's about time

As someone who grew up singing "Four Green Fields," "Johnson's Motor Car" and "The Minstrel Boy" around Grandpa Welch's kitchen table at the holidays, this strikes me as an amazing and honest admission by the English government, even if it's quite belated.
The Bloody Sunday killings were unjustified and unjustifiable, the Prime Minster has said.

Fourteen others were wounded, one later died. The Saville Report is heavily critical of the Army and found that soldiers fired the first shot.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "deeply sorry".

He said that the findings of the Saville Report were "shocking".

A huge cheer erupted in Guildhall Square in Derry as Mr Cameron delivered the findings which unequivocally blamed the Army for one of the most controversial days in Northern Ireland's history.
I'm not sure it should have taken 12 years and £195 million to figure this out, though. My uncle Kenny told me it was a massacre when I was 10.

h/t Lawyers, Guns, and Money (who don't deserve it because they use a goddamn Oxford Comma in the title of their blog)


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