Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get me 100 cc of WTF, STAT!

I know it must be hard to come up with ways to defend the oil industry and oppose the drilling moratorium, but what the hell is Rep Joe Barton (R-TX) talking about?
Assume that this oil rig that's had the accident were a patient. You pick the patient up and take him in the emergency room. The emergency room doctor comes in and looks at the chart. You ever been in here before? Never been in here before. Your vital signs are pretty good? Vital signs look pretty good. What's the problem? Well, we've got some bleeding and we can't stop it. What's the prognosis? Well, we just kill the patient. That doesn't happen!
Um, Joe, the "oil rig that's had the accident"...um...I don't know how to tell you this, but that patient was D.O.A., big guy.

Now, if by "the patient" you mean the oil industry, well, I found the patient's medical record and, um, it seems he may have been hiding some pre-existing conditions from you.

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Noted without comment:
Barton, former chairman of the House energy committee and now the panel's senior Republican, has collected more than $1.4 million since 1989, the oldest data available. That includes $27,350 from BP, making him the third-biggest recipient of BP money in the House.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah metaphors....the idiots guide to public speaking.

9:17 AM  
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