Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gone (or not)

Joe Klein tells Newsweek McChrystal has resigned.

Update: Joe Klein clarifies. McChrystal hasn't officially resigned, but has "offered to resign."

P.S. In response to an emailed question, the reason I decided he had to go was simple. I think someone leading the fight in Afghanistan who badmouths the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan and the Special Representative to Afghanistan in print doesn't have the judgment necessary to do work that requires political deftness.

Also, I personally felt the article's description of McChrystal's team (which could be misleading) suggested a poor command climate. Everybody in the military bitches about the higher-ups, but, if McChrystal's team really "pride themselves on...disdain for authority," then he's created one unprofessional little personality cult there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't pretend to understand any military. However, I do understand that disrespect for a boss leads to pooor working conditions and dismissal. Talking about that disrespect to fellow workers leads to dismissal much faster. If the general, who, I think, set up the current "plan" for Afghanistan, does not like the direction of said plan, why doesn't he make or suggest changes? I look at this as the engineer at Toyota who designed the braking system that didn't work blaming the CEO.

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