Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good for the AP

The AP's Christopher Wills writes up a horse race article that has one of the best rundowns of Mark Kirk's falsehoods I've seen in the traditional media.
A letter from his office said he served in the first Gulf War when he didn't. He has also referred to serving in the invasion of Iraq, although his duties kept him stateside. He said his Reserve work sometimes includes running the Pentagon war room, even though he oversees only the intelligence operations.

Although he had clearly described coming under fire while flying missions over Kosovo and Iraq, Kirk began to hedge and say the he couldn't be sure his plane was targeted by the anti-aircraft fire. And he didn't mention that he rode along on only a handful of flights — perhaps just three.

Kirk's campaign also denied he had ever improperly mingled political activity with his military duties, only to have the Pentagon confirm that he had done exactly that on two occasions.

The New York Times also found that Kirk taught middle school in England but only for one school year. And his stint at a nursery school apparently was as an aide, not a full-fledged teacher.
It's incomplete, but at least it shows someone in the traditional media is paying close enough attention he can write a clear, concise and accurate summary of Kirk's BS. NPR finally caught up to the story, but provides a less complete inventory of Kirk's lies.

Now Kirk's evading the press, hoping weeks of silence will undo years of self-aggrandizement. No matter when he comes out of hiding, I'll be here to remind the press he's still got questions to answer about his military service.


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