Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good for Kos

Kos has released a report on the polling done on his behalf by Research 2000 and the researchers' conclusion suggests a problem.
We do not know exactly how the weekly R2K results were created, but we are confident they could not accurately describe random polls.
I have to say, this kind of dedication to getting things right, being transparent and re-evaluating one's claims is one of the things I'd love to see more of on the right. For example, Republicans love to tout the findings of Rasmussen, which seem always to lean to the right. If they were interested in the truth, they could go to Pollster.com, filter out Rasmussen findings, and see that, looking at an aggregate of polls with Rasmussen gone, Americans' views tend to lean more in the Democrats favor.

As Nate Silver has said, this doesn't necessarily mean that Rasmussen is biased, it could just be wrong, based on its internal filtering. He does go on to say, however:
If you're running a news organization and you tend to cite Rasmussen's polls disproportionately, it probably means that you are biased -- it does not necessarily mean that Rasmussen is biased.
So look inward, conservatives. Do you have biases based on political beliefs (which are understandable) or do you have beliefs about the world based on willful blindness?

Kos has shown himself willing to consider that he may be wrong. Can you?

As Russell King wrote, come back to us, GOP.

Update: Actually, I should give credit to those on the right who have begun to look at themselves and their own party in a new light and seek to bring our political discourse back to a place where we may not agree on solutions, but may at least be able to argue about our problems honestly. Charles Johnson made a major move in this direction in November of last year and Rick Moran wrote today that he wants to scream STOP THE MADNESS! because of
the usual nonsense from many conservatives about how Obama is deliberately trying to “destroy” the country, or is a Marxist, or wants to be a dictator, or is favoring Muslims in the Middle East because he actually is one, or is plotting to cancel the elections in November, or wasn’t born here/not a naturalized citizen/Hawaiian official says he was born in Kenya/yadayadayadayada…


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