Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kirk admits he lied about Nitpicker story

On June 9th, I reported that a memo from a Department of Defense Under Secretary included a claim that Congressman and Naval Reservist Mark Kirk had conducted "partisan political activities during his last two tours of active duty..."

Kirk's campaign, instead of being honest, went after me, saying that releasing the memo was a "baseless political ploy by partisans," accusing me of being a "political operative" and suggesting collusion between Nitpicker and democrats in his opponent's campaign (and/or the Obama administration). He also claimed the memo was "off the mark."

Unfortunately for Kirk, the Pentagon backed up the DoD memo, saying he had been counseled for violating this regulation.

Later, Kirk tried to pretend that a commenter to a news story--a man with whom Kirk had apparently served--had "set the record straight," suggesting that he'd never violated regulations. I pointed out there was a very simple way for Kirk to truly set the record straight. He could release his Annual Retirement Point Record, which would show when he was on duty. I even wrote that the most damning thing about the whole incident wasn't the violations themselves, but the fact that Kirk was obviously lying. Not misremembering. Not being careless. Not getting confused. In this case, if he had been so chastised, he was lying.

Today he admitted he lied.
Republican Senate candidate Mark Kirk has acknowledged twice being scolded by the Pentagon for improperly mingling politics with his military duties.

It's something his campaign had flatly denied just two weeks ago.
As I have written before, I work for no campaign or party. I just hate military fakers, as they use what is good about service in a disgusting way. Kirk served honorably, but, as a politician, he sold that honor for votes. If Illinois voters choose, they can overlook Kirk’s numerous lies, hold their noses and vote for the man, but they should at least have the courage to admit you don’t care he’s a man who has lied many, many times about his service for political gain.

There’s simply no disputing that fact.

Update: The longer AP story is up now.
After a month of eluding questions and relying on written statements by his campaign, Kirk offered the mea culpa at his first news conference since reports surfaced about his false claims, including a prestigious military award that he didn't win.

"I have made mistakes concerning certain aspects of my accomplishments and experience and I apologize for those mistakes and I pledge to correct those errors," Kirk, a five-term congressman from Chicago's northern suburbs, told supporters and reporters. "I am not perfect and was careless. I will do better and I will make sure that this never happens again."

As Kirk apologized, however, he also acknowledged something his campaign had flatly denied just two weeks ago — that he was twice scolded by the Pentagon for improperly mingling politics with his military duties.
Read the whole thing.


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